Legendary Hong Kong, Macau, China

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per person based on double shared- tax included

Experience the world’s longest bridge that links Hong Kong, Macau, and China.
  • Product Category Land Package
  • Destinations 1302, 1402, Beijing, Xian, Guilin, 1405, 1404, Guangzhou, Zhuhai

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Terms and Conditions
Price is based on per person twin share. Package prices Include TAXES, and based on minimum TWO people traveling. Prices, schedules and exchange rates are subject to change without prior notice. Deviation / amendment fee and restrictions will be applied. Please contact Silk Holidays for details. For responsibility, booking terms & conditions, please ask your booking agent for a copy of “Silk Holidays – General Booking Terms & Conditions”
What is included in this tourItems that are included in the cost of tour price
  • Includes arrival transfer
  • Accommodation based on double shared with daily breakfast
  • Excursion: Tricycle ride through the traditional neighborhood in Beijing, Great Wall of China Mutianyu section in Beijing.
  • Boat: Cruise on the river Li.
  • City tour in : Hong Kong, Macau, Canton, Beijing.
  • Evening Transfer: Lan Kwai Fong in Hong Kong, Wangfujing street in Beijing.
  • Ticket admission: History Museum, Victoria Peak in Hong Kong, House of the Chen Clan in Canton, Ancient City Huangyao in Huangyao, Reed Flute Cave in Guilin, Rice paddies in Longsheng, Village Guangxiao Dong ethnic, Wind Bridge in Chengyang, Village Zhaoxing Dong Ethnic, Ancient commercial city of Hongjiang, short cultural show in Hongjiang, Yuelu Academy in Changsha, Terracota Army Museum, Small Wild Goose Pagoda, Chinese calligraphy course, mosque, show of traditional instrument playing in Drum Tower in Xian, Mansion of the Wang Clan, Temples, mansions and city walls in Pingyao, Nanshan Temple in Wutai, Great Wall in Yanmenguan, Hanging Temple, The Yungang Grottoes in Datong, Small traditional Chinese settlement in Jiming Post, The Forbidden City, Jingshan Park, Summer Palace, Great Wall of China Mutianyu, Temple of Heaven, foot massage, Tai Chi class in Beijing.
  • Ferry: Star Ferry Hong Kong Bay.
  • Funicular: Great Wall of China in Beijing.
  • High Speed Train: Huaihua – Changsha, Changsha – Xian, Xian – Lingfen.
What is not included in this tourItems that are not included in the cost of tour price
  •  Travel insurance and all other personal expenses
  • Gratuity for guides, drivers and hotel porters. Suggested at USD10 per passenger per day (pay locally)
  1. Day 1 Hong Kong

    Transfer to the hotel. At the end of the afternoon, we will join our guide and go to Lan Kwai Fong, the most attractive area of life and nightlife in the city with its lights and its more than 90 restaurants and pubs. Dinner included. Return to the hotel.


  2. Day 2 Hong Kong

    After breakfast, we will visit the city to see the financial centre with its tall skyscrapers, and we will visit the History Museum that enlightens us on the history of the city (colonial period, World War, etc.) the avenue of the Stars by the dock, which shows us the celebrities of the cinema industry. We will take the Star ferry across Hong Kong Bay and climb up to Victoria Peak (552 m) with a view of the whole city. Afternoon free.


  3. Day 3 Hong Kong - Macau

    After breakfast, we will cross the impressive bridge that connects Hong Kong with Macao, opened at the end of 2018 and a feat of engineering with more than 30 kilometres of bridges over the China Sea, 6 kilometres of tunnels under the sea and artificial islands; we will stop on its tourist platform to admire this work. MACAU, arrival in mid-morning. We include a tour of the city, the historic centre has been declared World Heritage and was administered by the Portuguese from the sixteenth century until 1999, to which the tiles on its civil buildings, its fortress and the oldest lighthouse in China bear witness. Lunch included. We will also see the area of the casinos, many in the same style as those in Las Vegas and with impressive activity. Free time.

    Breakfast, Lunch

  4. Day 4 Macau- Zhuhai- Canton

    We will leave Macao and cross the border post into the rest of China (VERY IMPORTANT: if on your trip, you visited China before staying in Hong Kong and Macau and later return to China, you will require a double entry visa). ZHUHAI, by the China Sea. We will stop by the impressive Opera theatre built on land reclaimed from the sea and opened in 2016, with its impressive shape symbolising the sun and the moon. Continuation to CANTON, lunch included. Afterwards, we include a two-hour tour in which we will stroll down Shangiaxju Street with its traditional market and see the late nineteenth century house of the Chen clan and explore the riverbank area. Free time.

    Breakfast, Lunch

  5. Day 5 Yangzhou- Cruise on the river Li- Guilin

    We will leave Yangzhou to take a cruise on the river Li, with spectacular scenery and green mountains, villages on the banks of the river, surprising rocks and peaks of incredible shapes. Lunch included. We continue to the Reed Flute Cave, a magnificent cave with numerous stalactites and stalagmites of fantastic shapes that are illuminated with beautiful colors creating a spectacular world in the bowels of the earth. Arrival in GUILIN, this city, one of the most popular in China, has a very pleasant atmosphere and it is worth strolling through its parks, along the banks of its lake, alongside the river Li or in its shopping streets in the centre. Free time and accommodation.

    Breakfast, Lunch

  6. Day 6 Guilin- Longsheng- Guangxiao- Chengyang- Zhaoxing

    Today we will take one of the most beautiful and exciting stages on the trip. In LONGSHENG we will go to the LONJI World Heritage rice paddies, and on a small bus we will go up to the viewpoints and can walk down some tracks between the rice paddies and amidst amazing scenery. After this, we go on to GUANGXIAO passing through surprising Dong ethnic villages. With its beautiful wooden architecture, this charming village frozen in time is not widely visited by international tourism; we will see its hanging bridge, the drum tower and the opera theatre. Lunch included. We will also stop in CHENGYANG with its magnificent “wind bridge”. Continuation to ZHAOXING, the most important village of the Dong minority and a beautiful place with its more than 800 traditional dwellings. Many people consider it the prettiest village in China. Accommodation.

    Breakfast, Lunch

  7. Day 7 Zhaoxing- Hongjiang- Changsha

    We will leave first thing in the morning, travelling between impressive high mountains and through small Dong villages. HONGJIANG, an ancient commercial city on the banks of the river Yuan; we will visit it with a local guide dressed in classical style, we will see its ancient stone houses, its narrow streets with stairs and visit its former brothels and opium houses, watching some short show helping us to better understand the traditional culture of the place. Lunch included. After lunch, from the next town of Huaihua we will take the high-speed train, and in under an hour and a half we will cover the more than 350 km that separate us from the capital of Hunan. CHANGSHA,arrival and transfer to the hotel. A very dynamic modern city


  8. Day 8 Changsha- Shaoshan- Xian

    In Changsha, we will see the Yuelu Academy, a Confucian academy built in the year 966. After this, we will go on to SHAOSHAN, the village where MAO was born and a place where multitudes of local tourists come to see the house where the “great helmsman” was born (we will visit it if the waiting time is not too long). We will see the monuments on the great Esplanade and the museum that will give us a better view of the life of the person who paved China’s destiny throughout the twentieth century. We return to CHANGSHA where we take the high-speed train to do the 1,000 kilometers to Xian, a trip that takes almost 6 hours (expected time of arrival at around 9 PM). XIAN, arrival and transfer to the hotel.


  9. Day 9 Xian

    We have arrived in the fascinating city where the silk route originated. First thing in the morning, we will go to see the TERRACOTA ARMY, with its thousands of life size clay soldiers that were found underground. We return to XIAN, where we will visit the Small Wild Goose Pagoda where we will enjoy a brief Chinese calligraphy course . Later, we go across through the walled centre. We will cross the Muslim quarter there and we will enter the mosque, where we will be able to see the multiple cultures and religions that have left their mark on this country. Our tour will also include entry tickets to the Drum Tower where we will enjoy a short show of traditional instrument playing. Free time.-


  10. Day 10 Xian, Lingfen, Clan Wang Mansion, Pingyao

    We leave from Xian in a very modern high speed train and in less than three hours we will arrive in Lingfen. From here, we go in our coach to the MANSION OF THE WANG CLAN, which was built by a wealthy family between the seventeenth and nineteenth centuries. Lunch is included. We continue on to PINGYAO, China´s best preserved historical city, which has 4,000 ancient buildings and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. We will enjoy this charming traditional city. Our tour will include entry tickets that allow visitors access to all the temples, mansions and city walls.

    Breakfast, Lunch

  11. Day 11 Pingyao- Wutai

    We travel to one of the most exciting spiritual places in China: WUTAI MOUNTAIN. This place, situated between green mountains and forests, is one of the centres of the Lamaism form of Buddhism. There are more than 40 ancient monasteries (and a similar number of monasteries have been built in more recent years), which are home to a large community of monks. We will visit Nanshan Temple with our guide, and later we will leave time free for you to look for less visited temples, where you can respectfully observe the monks. Dinner included.

    Breakfast, Dinner

  12. Day 12 Wutai- Yanmenguan- Yinkxian- Hanging Temple- Datong

    After breakfast, we travel along a road of great scenic beauty between the mountains to YANGMENGUAN, which is not far from the border of Mongolia. In one of the mountain passes, we will visit a part of the GREAT WALL OF CHINA here. We will be able to take a tranquil walk, as it is an area with a very small number of tourists. We continue to YINGXIAN, quiet picturesque village with its great wooden pagoda. Lunch included. We continue to the HANGING TEMPLE of Xuancong Temple. Its construction on the wall of a cliff is amazing. Continuing with the coach, at the end of the day, you can stroll in DATONG, a city that has impressive walls and a rebuilt historic center.

    Breakfast, Lunch

  13. Day 13 Datong- Yungang- Jiming Post- Beijing

    We leave in the morning to YUNGANG CAVES, China´s most impressive art cave site, which has more than 51,000 statues in its 252 caves that were excavated in the 5th century. We continue to
    JIMING POST, a small traditional Chinese settlement that preserves its peaceful and provincial life. It was created as a resting place for the mails that were sent from the emperor. Continue to BEIJING, arriving mid-afternoon.


  14. Day 14 Beijing

    An exciting day awaits us. We will discover the main points of interest in the Chinese capital. We will have a full day visit in which we will visit some of the main avenues in the city. The Great Chinese Imperial Palace, better known as ¨The Forbidden City¨, the most majestic architectural complex in China from where 24 emperors ruled for almost 500 years. We will also have the opportunity to visit Jingshan Park where the Coal Hill is located, one of the best preserved imperial gardens in Beijing. We ascend to the top of the hill to have the best views (if the day is clear) on the Forbidden City. We will walk through the immense Tiananmen Square one of the largest squares in the world, and from them, we will appreciate the Great National Theater, Beijing Opera House. Lunch is included. Today, we will also visit the SUMMER PALACE, the Imperial House of the Qing Dynasty with its beautiful gardens and lakes. In the afternoon we include a tricycle ride through the traditional neighborhood of Beijing, known as Hutong. In this area we can see the typical lifestyle in this popular neighborhood, visit typical shops and even a traditional house, a Siheyuan, with all its lounges around a courtyard. Return to the hotel and overnight.

    Breakfast, Lunch

  15. Day 15 Beijing

    Today’s programme includes an excursion to visit the GREAT WALL OF CHINA (section Mutianyu). spectacular architectural work. Its history covers more than 2000 years. The day will include a cable car ride up and down to one of the most scenic areas. Returning to Beijing, we will stop in the 798 th district, with its contemporary art located in an old military factory. We will also visit the TEMPLE OF HEAVEN, one of the country’s largest sacred complexes and a World Heritage Site. Before returning to the hotel, and as a way to rest from this intense day, we will enjoy a foot massage and we will take a Tai Chi class. We will bid farewell to Beijing with a lacquered duck dinner included.

    Breakfast, Lunch

  16. Day 16 Beijing

    After breakfast, end of our services.



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